Create interactive and dynamic websites with Impala CMS

Impala CMS combines targeted information management and perfect integration of multi-locale websites, microsites and custom tools. It is easy to create high performance, scalable websites and web-apps where content management and publishing work together nicely.


What Impala CMS can do


Backend User interface

Intuitively manage your content

Impala CMS offers an menu-oriented, structured and appealing user interface. The user experience works like the operating system interfaces which the user is already accustomed to. This makes it easy to start working, without having to learn a new system.

  • Easy to learn
  • Task oriented user interface
  • Backend available in german and english
  • Encrypted client/server communication

Total freedom in design

Frontend Full responsive

The design of the website is completely decoupled from the presentation. This means that you can just replace an existing design with a new or updated design and use the existing data at hand.

Creativity first

When creating designs, designers can completely focus on create engaging templates and not worry about technical limitations.

Multi device support

Easily implement full responsive designs for all devices. Integrated and automatic retina image support for crisp images.


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